Land Technics COVID-19 Response

Working together to slow the spread

Land Technics of Arizona is considered an essential business under the category of “Essential Infrastructure Operations” and will still be operating under normal business hours. However, we have implemented internal processes and precautions to protect our workers and communities from the spread of coronavirus, or any other virus for that matter, while still building our beautiful state of Arizona.

As a grading, excavation, site prep, and demolition company, we have very limited if any with the public but are still wearing masks, practicing social distancing, regularly disinfecting our tools and machinery, and following all CDC guidelines that are relevant to us which can found here:

To all of our customers, suppliers, and clients: Be assured that we will do everything in our power to keep everyone healthy and continue to provide the high-quality of service that all of you are accustomed to receiving.

Thank you,
Land Technics

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